Development and implementation of Blockchain technologies in the daily life of the community.

A Latin American FINTECH.

What is Criptopeso?

CRIPTOPESO ® is a Latin American FINTECH, owned by BLOCKCHAIN ​​LATINOAMERICA S.A. formed with the basis of Blockchain technology to be a model in the region. We have forged the use of this disruptive technology in combination with state-of-the-art digital tools, together with practical, simple and friendly operational means to give a broad and viable response to the urgent need for Latin America to have a decentralized system of exchange and payment, economic, fast, safe, inclusive and that alternatively serves as a reserve of value.

About us

We apply solutions to real problems.

Blockchain Latinoamerica started as a de facto society dedicated to the development of Blockchain platforms and ecosystems. As time passed, we knew how to identify the real need of the Latin American region for an innovation system where solutions to real problems were applied.

Our first concept was the sending of remittances, but we quickly realized that the community was asking for much more than the elimination of economic borders. That’s when we decided to migrate the project to a real Blockchain Ecosystem.

Security Token Offering (STO)

All investments will be registered in a Smart Contract of the chain of blocks of Ethereum.

One of the main concepts of Criptopeso is to be a safe saving option. Honoring this, we decided to conduct an STO (Security Token Offering). The security tokens are backed by something more tangible, such as assets or profits of a company, being, therefore, considered as investments for legal purposes.

Token Distribution

Destination and custody of funds

The Blockchain technology allows us to create a decentralized system in which every investor, or not, has access to the information of the company; among them, the balances.

  • 80% Distributed to Community

  • 10% Founders and Team

  • 5% Advisors & Helpers

  • 5% Bounty campaigns


Decentralized Platform with a Decentralized Government

The Masternodes are a type of complete node that offer several services to the network and are rewarded for it. Like all the complete nodes, the masternodes have a complete copy of the Blockchain. However, the masternodes differ from the ordinary complete nodes in some important aspects. Beyond simply sending transactions, masternodes perform advanced functions for the network.

Some of the rewards as a Masternode creditor are:

Roadmap and Milestones

January 2017
Constitution of Blockchain Latinoamerica as a de facto partnership between Luis A. Rodriguez and Federico A. De Rosa
January 2018
Elaboration of the concept of "Criptopeso" as a system for sending international money.
Feb - Mar 2018
Presentation of a business model for sending remittances to various entities with the aim of improving it.
August 2018
Migration of business model to Blockchain Ecosystem and assembly of the first version of Whitepaper.
August 2018
start of technical evaluations for different block chains and algorithms in search of the best combination of skills.
October 2018
Development of the first cryptocurrency model for the use of sending international money for internal use.
November 2018
Improvement of the business model, block chain and financing plan for Criptopeso ecosystem. Presentation of Whitepaper v1.2
December 2018
Presentation and mentoring of the CRIPTOPESO business model in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires ("BA Emprende")
Jan - Feb 2019
Raising Private Capital
March 2019
Opening of public STO and Masternodes offering (IMO)
July 2019
Security Token IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) - Undefined platform


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